Tiny lizard become lord of the rings with perfect circle hanging onto flower

Pic Danny Young/Caters News 

A lizard climbing a flower stalk proves it is the real lord of the rings.

Nature photographer Danny Young, 69  snapped a lizard using its tail to create a full circle in his own front garden.

Danny Young/Caters News

Danny snapped the cute anole lizard after it unexpectedly climbed into shot of feeding hummingbirds and made a complete circle as it changed direction.

Danny, who is from Hollywood, Georgia, said: “I was attempting to make images of hummingbirds feeding on bee balm plants when an anole making a u-turn, creating a circle with her tail and body.

“I see movement in the bee balm plant, look and then see the anole climbing down the stalk, looking for food.

Danny Young/Caters News

“Then, as the anole gets about halfway down, she turns around and starts back up.  At that moment, I continued pressing the shutter and captured this image.

“I was actually disappointed at the end of my two hour shoot because I didn’t get any good hummingbird images.

“But when I saw the anole image on my computer, I felt like it was interesting, but had no idea it would be named Top Shot of the day with National Geographic.”