Time-lapse captures Filipino volcano’s massive eruption

By Katy Gill

The massive eruption of the volcano at Mount Mayon was captured perfectly in this stunning time-lapse.

Captured by photographer Benjoe Agbay from, Legazpy City, Philippines, January 23, the Filipino volcano smokes gently at first.

Suddenly at 8.48am, the columns of ash shoot into the blue sky above and plumes blow all over the sides of the hill.

Lava fountains that rose 700m above the crater led to 56,000 villagers being evacuated according to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology.

Benjoe, 25, said: “I have never witnessed such majestic yet disastrous eruption of Mt Mayon in my whole life.

“I always had this fascination and interest with weather systems, geography and anything about our Earth including these natural hazards.

Pic by Benjoe Agbay/Caters News

“Those shots were very important to me since it will lead to acquiring more knowledge and information about the hazards of eruption.”

The social insurance assistant was gearing up for a day’s work at Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital, Legazpi City, Albay, when he went to their rooftop.

Benjoe said: “I honestly had no idea the volcano would erupt.

Pic by Benjoe Agbay/Caters News

“I have heard rumbling sounds like rocks falling.

“Like thunder and a cracking sound in the ground.

“Geologists have said the lava that flows from the volcano are somewhat diluted or thawed that makes it to flow easily without scary booming sound from its crater.”

The eruption lasted for longer than an hour, but fortunately for Benjoe and his city, the wind blew most of sulphur and ash the opposite direction, so they weren’t evacuated.