This hauntingly beautiful abandoned chapel is still standing despite years of neglect 

PIC BY Romain Thiery / CATERS NEWS

These images show a hauntingly beautiful abandoned chapel still standing, despite years of neglect and decay.

Romain Thiery, 29, from Montpellier, South of France, captured the eerie place of worship after exploring the uninhabited site.

The chapel, which was erected in 1885, was built by the owner of the estate but sadly now stands empty, with a carpet of foliage covering the floor and the glass in the windows long gone.

PIC BY Romain Thiery / CATERS NEWS

Romain, a professional photographer and piano teacher, said: “I found this chapel hidden in an estate, behind bicentennial plane trees in the South of France.

“It’s one of the most amazing places I have photographed since starting my project.

PIC BY Romain Thiery / CATERS NEWS

“I started exploring abandoned places with my camera and soon became fascinated by buildings that had been forgotten over time.

“The main purpose of my art is to capture the peaceful atmosphere of abandonment and the places that people are no longer attracted too.”