Incredible pictures show man walking world’s longest slackline

This amazing footage shows the moment one daredevil attempted to complete a perilous 2.8km slack line.

Captured by photographer Cara Urban, the images show the incredible Quirin Herterich walking 2.5km in just over 3 hours along a thin slackline in Norway.

Quirin said: “I see the challenge as a game, the longer the line, the more complicated the game becomes.”

The project engineer from Germany was able to walk 2,500 metres over an astonishing 3 hours and 5 minutes before falling off. 

Pic by Cara Urban/Caters News

“It was definitely like an ‘all in’ poker game with no second chance. After the first 100m Meters I was able to get into a flow like I rarely experienced it before and enjoyed my walk a lot. I lost every feeling of time and my body just worked perfectly. 

“The scenery was absolutely breathtaking. In the beginning of the line I walked mainly over trees and moss and was able to see the huge Peaks that surround the spot.  

Pic by Cara Urban/Caters News

“The last part of my walk brought me over a huge 150m high and massive looking rockface, where the slackline was anchored.”