The Shadow Of A Giant! Epic Pics Show Sperm Whale Towering Over Diver

These stunning images show the awesome size of one of nature’s greatest mammals in comparison to a human.

Taken by intrepid wildlife photographer Mike Korostelev, the photos show the sperm whale side-by-side to a snorkeler.

PIC FROM Mike Korostelev/Caters News

The images were captured in the Indian Ocean in April 2019 and show champion free diver Irina Smolentseva.

Mike said: “We got pretty close to the whales and they of course were aware of us. It looked like they were curious about us. They definitely watched our behaviour and in some way were playing with us.

PIC FROM Mike Korostelev/Caters News

“It’s a very unusual feeling when creatures as giant as those are playing with you.

“When we were in water they were making circles around us. When we wanted to get back to the boat to have a bit of a rest they didn’t’ let us go.

“We had a feeling that they really enjoyed playing with us.”

PIC FROM Mike Korostelev/Caters News