The power of love! These fearless super duos – Snapped sky walking, hanging from rocks and navigating lava streams – prove anything is easier when you do it together

These fearless super couples prove the POWER of love knows no bounds as they are snapped hanging from rocks, sky walking and navigating lava flows together.

Stunning shots show childhood sweethearts Lauren and Alexander Michaels tying the knot in front of a lava flow in Hawaii after hiking four miles for the most unique wedding snaps.And student Marcelle Rangel da Cunha’s relationship with fiancé Luiz Fernando Candeia seemed to be on the rocks as he dangled her over the Pedra del Telegrafo, a praecipe 350 metres above the Atlantic Ocean.

PIC BY JENNA LEE/ CATERS NEWS – (PICTURED: This scene gives an entirely new meaning to a Red Wedding as a couple celebrated tying the knot in front of a LAVA FLOW! Childhood sweethearts Lauren and Alexander Michaels hiked four miles in the middle of the night with friend and photographer Jenna Lee for a romantic dawn shoot. On the slopes of the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii the fiery lava provided the perfect backdrop for the sizzling love snaps.

Other stunning images in the gallery include super-fit couples practicing yoga on surfboards, peering over the edge of a misty lake in Sweden, flying in wingsuits and pumping iron at the same bodybuilding events:

Pic by Tim Howell/Caters News: Love is certainly in the air for these extreme daters. Ignoring traditional dates to restaurants and the cinema, Tim Howell and his girlfriend Ewa have been flying in wingsuits all around the world. The adventurous couple met in Madrid when Tim was training to BASE jump in a wingsuit and Ewa was an instructor.


Pic from Caters News: A Muslim man is the first of his faith in the UK to wed in a same-sex marriage. Jahed Choudhury, 24, grew up feeling ostracised by the Muslim community because he was gay and was even sent on a religious pilgrimage to change his sexual orientation. After a lifetime of bullying which pushed Jahed to try and take his own life- Sean Rogan, 19, found him crying on a town bench and the newlyweds have not looked back since


Pic from Caters News: Meet the real-life Mr and Mrs Muscle: bodybuilder couple become the first to win world championship honours at the same event. Don Akim, 43, and Rosanna Beckett, 33, from Loewstoft, Suffolk, picked up three trophies between them at the Miami Pro World Champions held in St Albans – beating more than 200 athletes to the trophies. The engaged couple only started bodybuilding in the four months leading up to the world champions, spending 14 hours a week in their local gym.


Pic By Megan Vaughan/ Caters New: Devoted married couple, Ruby, 89, and Harold Coleman, 90 from Virginia, USA celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary in June 2017. After marrying in 1952, Ruby, 89, and Harold Coleman, 90, went on to have five children together, Marty, Rhonda, Tim, Cindy, Sandy. 65 years later the couple, from Virginia, USA, have seven grandchildren, 14 great grandchildren and one great-great grandchild.


PIC BY MARK KLINTWORTH / CATERS NEWS: It takes a lot of skill to surf a wave just stood normally on a surfboard without falling over, but to hold different shapes in the air on the shoulders of a partner is even more challenging. That is what two daring people are doing in this incredible footage. The talented pair – Lauren Oiye and Chuck Inman – has been taking part in the Tandem Surfing competitions in Waikiki. Unlike the average surfing competition, Lauren and Chuck combine the balance needed to even stand up on a surfboard, with the strength needed to hold up various gymnastic poses. The dash-cams have captured the intricate manoeuvres Lauren has to make to get in to the shapes above Chuck in the air at break taking angles. The two friends have a remarkable bond, with the video showing their impeccable timing to synchronise with each other to get into these poses.