The perfect way to say “I Lava You” – Amazing lava heart captured in Hawaii

Pic by Don Hurzeler/Caters News 

It’s the perfect way to say “I lava you” – an amazing lava heart has been captured in Hawaii.

Photographers Don Hurzeler, 71 and C.J. Kale, 42, share their island home in Kailua-Kona with several active volcanoes.

Pic by C.J Kale/Caters News

The stunning shot of the lava appears to be held in a hand which is yet to solidify into rock.

And it’s the perfect way to say “I lava you,” this Valentine’s Day.

Don said: “We spend hours on the active lava fields, often in the middle of the night, or on a boat just off the cliffs where the lava is flowing into the ocean.

Pic by Don Hurzeler/Caters News

“We’ll even go up in a helicopter or plane above the erupting landscape.  

“We love it – if you look carefully at the shot of the lava heart and you will see the heart is being held in a hand, the thumb is just above the heart on the right side”