The glowing ocean

PIC BY Mikhail Korostelev/Caters News 

A photographer captured these beautiful images of glowing plankton in the Atlantic Ocean.

Mikhail Korostelev, from Moscow, took the images on holiday last winter when he visited South Africa.

The pictures show millions of plankton that glow in the dark due to a chemical they release.

Mikihail was invited by a friend to photograph the natural phenomenon and initially declined but said he soon changed his mind.

PIC BY Mikhail Korostelev/Caters News 

Mikihail said: “At first I declined the invitation but when I saw the pictures on his Facebook feed I headed straight to Hermanus, just outside of Cape Town.

“The first bay I went to was recommended by my friend but was too bright.

“There was too much light from the nearby city and I could hardly see the glowing effect so I travelled further down the coast to find a darker place.

PIC BY Mikhail Korostelev/Caters News 

“Finally I found a place with a watch tower, that I think was specially made to watch the sharks.

“I moved to 2 or 3 different places to get a better view.”

The mathematician, who owns an adventure agency said:

“It’s a totally majestic view. The glowing ocean under the starry skies. If I had chance I would definitely photograph it again.”

PIC BY Mikhail Korostelev/Caters News