The day the music died: Photographer travels the globe taking eerie pictures of abandoned pianos

PIC BY Romain Thiery / CATERS NEWS

A photographer has captured the day the music died by snapping pianos in abandoned buildings around the world.

Romain Thiery has travelled the globe taking haunting pictures of the dust-covered instruments in dozens of dilapidated buildings.

The piano teacher, from Montpellier in the South of France, has dubbed the project ‘Requiem for Pianos‘ and his images tell a story about the music that might have once been played in the decaying buildings.

PIC BY Romain Thiery / CATERS NEWS

The 29-year-old has visited various countries including Belgium, Italy, Germany, Poland and the Ukraine.

He said: “The series is a project that is really close to my heart.

“At first people always wonder whether they are paintings or photographs.

“I try to make the atmosphere very peaceful and the textures and light as natural as possible. People tell me they feel immersed as if they can hear some notes of the music still.

PIC BY Romain Thiery / CATERS NEWS

“I am often asked why the piano but this instrument has been with me since I was very young and as a piano teacher is an integral part of my life today.

“None of my pictures are staged at all. Everything is how I find it.

“In some rooms things are stolen and the place has been ransacked but the piano is still there showing its nobility and power.”