”That’s a phar-aoh way to fall! Skydivers become the first civilians ever to fly directly over pyramids of Giza

 This is the epic moment a group of skydivers jumped over one of the seven wonders of the ancient world – narrowly missing the points of the pyramids of Giza as they came down to land.

 The spine-tingling video and images were filmed in Cairo, Egypt, when skydiving group ‘Skydive Egypt’ decided to jump directly over the Giza pyramids to raise awareness of the sport – the first time the stunt had ever been pulled off.

Pic by Skydive Eygpt/Caters

 The thrill seekers jumped directly over the Great Pyramids from a C130 Hercules plane at an altitude of 15,000 feet – landing a mere 100 metres [320ft from the base of the Khefre Pyramid.

 Skydive Egypt founder Mostafa Abdulfattah, 46, said: “The event evoked a tremendous sense of pride by writing history as the first civilian skydiving event directly over the Great Pyramids.

 “To skydive in this awesome place is most skydivers’ dreams.”

Pic by Skydive Eygpt/Caters News

 Chartered accountant Mostafa and co-founder and electrical engineer, Mahmoud Sharaf, 29, started the group in 1997 as a platform to promote skydiving in Egypt with an end goal of establishing a permanent drop zone in Egypt.

Mostafa added: “Our favourite capture is the photo features six skydivers linked in the air directly above the Great Pyramid of Khufu.

 “It is just an awesome photo.

 “This was an exciting and unique way to introduce the magnificent art of Skydiving in Egypt, making it incomparable to anything else in the world.”