Terrifying footage of thousands of birds flocking looks like real life Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’ 

Terrifying footage shows thousands of birds flocking together that looks just like a real-life scene from Hitchcock’s The Birds.

Tehleel Afaq, from Srinagar, in Kashmir, India, captured the footage at a rice field near his home. 

The gathering together bears a great resemblance to the tense Hitchcock thriller – but luckily these feathered friends did not plan to attack, and were just visiting a feeding station. 

Tehleel said: “I was in my neighbourhood when I noticed a huge flock of bird were feeding on a rice field. 

“I started to film the feeding birds but I got lucky and the birds suddenly started flying altogether. 

“The view was mesmerising.

“I visit that area almost every day but I have not witnessed any such thing before.

Tehleel revisited the field, hoping to see more birds gathered but believes his footage was a one off. 

He said: “I visited that place again to see if this happens often but I think it’s very rare for such a large number of birds to fly together.

“It was an incredible moment, at one point I found the whole sky filled with birds. 

“They were so close to me and swooped over my head. “