Teen adrenaline junkie scales Hong Kong skyscrapers with no safety equipment and films stomach-churning moment on GoPro Camera

A teen daredevil has captured stomach-churning footage on his GoPro camera after scaling Hong Kong skyscrapers with no safety equipment.

Amazing Urban Climbers Hong Kong

On top of the world: Andrej dangles from the edge of a building in Hong Kong

The 17-year-old school pupil recorded his perilous climbs with the camera strapped to his head as he fearlessly scaled the Yat Chau International Plaza and the China Online Building in Hong Kong. 

Amazing Urban Climbers Hong Kong

Night climber: Andrej managed to capture the stomach-churning moment on his Go Pro camera

Andrej Ciesielski, from Munich in Germany, was joined by friend and fellow roofer, Alexander Remnev from Moscow.

Amazing Urban Climbers Hong Kong

Andrej teamed up with fellow adrenaline junkie, Alexander Remnev, to explore the city

The pair can be seen wandering around and exploring the treacherous rooftops with ease despite being more than 500 feet in the air with nothing to stop them plummeting to the ground. 

Amazing Urban Climbers Hong Kong

Different perspective: The urban climber sees the city a whole new light after climbing over 500ft high

Self-confessed thrill-seeker Andrej said: “I’ve been doing this for just over a year now. I started in Munich with little cranes and then moved onto rooftops.

“My first rooftop climb was incredible. It was so quiet up there and it was suddenly possible to see the city in a different light.

“I do roofing because I love it. It makes me feel free. The first time I sat on the edge of a roof was a real adrenaline kick but now it’s become quite normal to me.

“I’ve never had an accident because I’m always very careful and I think twice before doing anything.”

Fearless Andrej, who is also pictured in various vertigo-inducing poses around Hong Kong, claims gaining access to the buildings during his trip was easy.

He said: “Hong Kong roofing is very easy, you just go into the building find your way to the elevator go up to the last floor.

“Then all you you need to do is find the emergency exit to get out to the top, 90 per cent of the doors to the roof are open.

“I loved Hong Kong but I’d really love to go to New York soon, that would be incredible.”