Talk about living the high life! Woman fearlessly tackles highline wearing heels

Meet the woman who really does live the HIGH life – as she fearlessly tackles a highline hundreds of feet in the air wearing HEELS.

High Heel Slackline

Steady on her feet: Faith Dickey wears stilettos in a daring high lining attempt

Daredevil Faith Dickey, 25, carefully manoeuvres the thin line inching her way above a stunning landscape wearing the fashionable shoes.

High Heel Slackline

Despite the sport being notoriously difficult, Faith was able to complete the high line in a pair of high heels

The heart-racing spectacle took place at the Women’s Highline Meeting in the Czech Republic, which Faith organises each year.

High Heel Slackline

Faith, from Texas, USA, wanted to add some humour to the high line and so decided to try it in a dress and heels

Faith, from Austin in Texas, USA, was joined by adrenaline junkies Basia Sobanska 27 and Ela Ostrowska, 26, who wore their own accessories.

High Heel Slackline

The heart racing spectacle took place in the Czech Republic as part of the Women’s Highline Meeting

She said: “I wanted to find the humour in stereotypes – since no one had ever tried to walk a highline in high heels I decided to try it.

“Highlining is so hard already and walking in high heels isn’t easy either so combining them was very tricky.

“Being on a highline is about learning to manage fear and remaining calm while adrenaline is flowing – it can be extremely meditative.”

Professional highliner Faith has been walking wires for five years – travelling the world to compete.

She added: “Women are inspired by seeing other women doing these activities. I strive to be represented and help other women be represented.

“The Women’s Highline Meeting is an annual event bringing together women from around the world to share a weekend of highlining.

“It’s an opportunity for women to be the majority, connect with one another and support each other no matter what level of athlete they are.”