Talented astrophotographer uses night sky as his canvas to produce stunning panoramas

By Jack Williams

This talented photographer uses the night sky as his canvas, snapping stunning natural locations as they are illuminated by millions of stars.

In some of Raymond McCarthy Bergeron’s works, the photographer even includes a human presence – highlighting the scale of the world above.

Pic by Raymond McCarthy Bergeron / Caters

Raymond, 37, from Rockville, Maryland, USA, said that he’s been intrigued by the stars for as long as he can remember, and as a youngster he used to sneak out while his parents were asleep in order to gaze at the Milky Way.

In 2012, when visiting Kaikoura, New Zealand, the photographer was able to combine interest and passion, as a sky with no light pollution allowed him to photograph the perfect panoramic shot of the galaxy, he said.

Raymond added: “My inspiration grew from the curiosity of taking a decent, well-exposed photograph of a galaxy of stars, to then trying to place the night sky behind a foreground composition for scale.

“I want my viewers to be as enamoured of the stars and space as I am.

Pic by Raymond McCarthy Bergeron / Caters

“Our cities are so full of pollution of many types that I want the viewer to experience a level of disbelief in these fantasy-like landscapes.

“I’ve started inserting people, such as myself or my wife, to also help establish scale and our relation with the stars – my hope is the viewer can imagine themselves in a similar experience with the galaxy.”

The photographer’s fascination for the sky comes from the realisation that he cannot visit every star and planet in his lifetime.

The images in his series, which is ever growing, have been shot in the likes of Yosemite, California, and mountainous parts of the United States.

Pic by Raymond McCarthy Bergeron / Caters

He added: “It’s an internal conflict of both wonder and existential crisis.

“It puts me in my place.

“While I take the photos, I can stare deeply into the night sky as well.

Pic by Raymond McCarthy Bergeron / Caters

“I consider it personal therapy – a reminder that I need to be the best human I can be for others while on this earth.”