Swimming into the sunset – Female suffers duck dive into crystal clear ocean

Pic by Richard Kotch/Caters News

Two female surfers have been captured swimming into the sunset as they duck dive into the crystal clear ocean.

Richard Kotch, 46, captured the imaged from the Hudhuranfushi Resort in the Maldives.

The images show Richard’s wife and her friend swimming into the sunset underwater.

Pic by Richard Kotch/Caters News

Both women have duck dived with their surf boards into the clear water.

Richard, who has worked at the resort for 10 years, said: “I always feel very peaceful taking photos underwater, my heart rate slows down even during the most exciting moments.

Pic by Richard Kotch/Caters News 

“I feel very calm and focused. Some of my happiest moments are underwater.

“At the resort we for 10 months a year during the surf season here in the Maldives from March to November.”