Stunning supercell storm looks like the end of the world

Pic by Maximilian Ziegler/Caters News 

A storm chaser braved the wind and hail to capture one the most beautiful cloud formations he has ever seen.

Photographer and surveyor with a degree in meteorology and climatology, Maximilian Ziegler, 27, from Ludwigsburg, Germany was quite literally blown away by the phenomena.

The weather watcher had tracked down the supercell at sunset rotating above the rolling hills of Öschelbronn near Stuttgart.

Maximilian said:  “I’m fascinated by storms since my childhood and I love to chase them. I like to observe and research the cloud structure, the movement and the side effects of a thunderstorm.

Pic by Maximilian Ziegler/Caters News 

“I had a good feeling that a nice storm would develop, so I drove to the east to cross the moving path of the storm.

“I found a good view to take pictures. It was perfect, the structure, the movement, the light. It was one of the best cloud formations I’ve ever seen.

“At this moment when I saw the storm coming, I was full of adrenaline but I was also concentrating on to capturing the event with my camera.

Pic by Maximilian Ziegler/Caters News

“When it came closer and closer, I drove to the north to be in front of the storm to take more pictures.

“But the storm was too fast and rolled over me. I drove to a petrol station to save my car because of the hail. After all, I was very satisfied to catch such an outstanding event with my camera.”

Pic by Maximilian Ziegler/Caters News