Stunning pictures of pastel fog over Japan’s skyscrapers!

Pic by Kazuki Sato/Caters News 

These breathtaking pictures show a purple FOG enveloping Japan’s skyscrapers.

The images were taken by photogapher Kazuki Sato in the Chichibu region of Japan, a couple of hours away from Tokyo.

The stunning pastel fog is a result of the clouds mixing with the multi-coloured lights of the buildings, causing the sky to light up in a spectrum of colours.

Pic by Kazuki Sato/Caters News –

Kazuki took several of the photos from an observatory at Muse Park, before trekking up Chichibu Unkai.

He said it looked like a ‘sea of clouds’, adding: “There was hardly any movement in the fog, so it was really smooth.

Pic by Kazuki Sato/Caters News 

“It looked like a sea of clouds as I headed towards the mountain.

“There were a few people on the observation deck at Muse Park, but not as many on the mountain.

Pic by Kazuki Sato/Caters News 

“The sea of clouds is supposed to be best around November, so I’ll be returning then.”