Stunning Photos Show Safari Animals Lit Up In Night Sky

These stunning images show some of nature’s most awesome beasts as you’ve never seen them before.

Taken at Zimanga Lodge in South Africa earlier this month by photographer Clint Ralph, the photos show the majesty of a pair of elephants and a wilderbeast.

Clint Ralph/Caters News

In another shot, a hyena can be seen drinking from a pool as it’s lit up by the magnificent night sky.

Clint said: “The Elephants as their absolute giant size intimidates one when you are sitting in a hide at water-level as well as their absolute silent movement.

Clint Ralph/Caters News

“In the still of the night all the animals move in very quietly and nervously always on the lookout for an ambush.

“It was absolutely exhilarating and thrilling to be so close to these wild creatures and then to be able to photograph them without disturbing them.”

Clint Ralph/Caters News