Stunning photograph shows entire lightning storm in a single image

This stunning photograph was captured by a determined photographer who was adamant in showing the stunning scope an entire lightning storm in a single image.

Octav Dragan’s breathtaking shot above Bucharest, Romania, shows forks filling every spot in the sky, their blues and purples illuminating the background with great vibrancy.

Pic by Octav Dragan / Caters

In order to create the shot, Octav, 45, took multiple time-lapse images during the duration of the storm, on June 13, 2018.

Each 30-second time-lapse throughout the storm captured a select number for forks in certain points in the sky.

Pic by Octav Dragan

Then, once the storm was over, Octav overlapped the 24 frames he was able to capture during the light show, creating his lightning-filled skyscape.

He said: “The thing I like most about photographing lightning is that it’s sensational and fascinating.

Pic by Octav Dragan / Caters

“I cannot wait for others to see my work.”