Stunning lava flow footage shows mesmeric nature phenomena!


Fiery footage of this lava flow shows the mesmeric nature of the phenomena, as it pours and crackles its way down the mountain side.

Captured in all its glory on the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii, USA, a breath-taking flow of lava pools its way down the volcano’s flank, casting gorgeous patterns of electric orange on the rock-side.
The spectacular sight begins with molten lava pouring out of an opening in the rocks and pooling into an almost river-like flow below, with contrasts of electric orange and slate black.

Dripping from the edge with a consistency more reminiscent of cheese than the earth’s magma, the red-hot liquid continues to ooze itself into a cascade which engulfs the entirety of the 4200ft burning mountain.

Saving the most spectacular sight for last, during the transition of dawn into day, an undertone of midnight blue accompanies the glare of orange, provided by the night-sky above, which makes for a truly stunning sight indeed.

Professional volcanic photographer Warren Fitz, who witnessed the sensation first-hand, said: “Being next to lava erupting out of the ground makes me feel alive.


“It humbles you and gives you a sense that you’re part of something extraordinary.

“Physically however, you feel like you’re being cooked alive, but all the suffering is most definitely worth it.

“I’ve always enjoyed observing lava and volcanoes because I’m able to embrace a connection to something extreme and so different than anything else in the world.


“Particularly the ‘blue hour’ phase, which makes everything appear even more beautiful than it already is.”

Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano is the one of the most active in the world and has been erupting constantly for over 34 years.

Warren added: “Lava flow is like a snowflake, no two will ever be the same. So every day I spend up here is even more breath-taking than the last.”