Stunning images show incredible sunrise yoga on top of mountain in the swiss alps

This is the moment some daring mountain climbers risk life and limb to capture the most spectacular yoga session ever.

The images show the keen yogis as they are bathed in the glow of a sunrise atop a majestic snow-capped mountain in the Swiss Alps

Pic by David Carlier/Caters News

David Carlier, a photographer and movie director, based in Switzerland, captured the stunts on a 3330m summit above the ski resort of Vervbier.

David said his intention was to shoot the yoga moves being performed by former Freeride World Tour Champion, Emilien Badouxf.

David said:”This is magical imagery and quite unique; practicing yoga that high at sunrise is a very special thing to witness.

“My favourite image is the one with the sun lighting the base of his leg as he performs a yoga position; it feels like he is standing on top of the sun.”