Stunning images of the four seasons from above

The very colourful series of photographs capture just right the changes of the seasons in nature.

Mike Robinson, 43 a marketing manager shot these impressive changes in Ullswater Lake, starting on summer of 2017.

Basically, the photograph is four drone shots made into one, depicting a whole year in just an image.

PIC BY Mike Robinson / CATERS NEWS

Mike said: “I’ve photographed for over 20 years.

“You can’t beat getting out into the hills and recreating some of the landscapes you see in the form of an image for others to view.

“Discovering the world of aerial photography really opened my eyes, it just gives a totally new perspective, a completely different dimension.

“The fact that is an aerial image shows not only how the flora and fauna change but also how the Lake colour changes with the light too.

“This image rolls every season into one photograph, it’s Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

“ It’s a reminder of what everyone loves about the countryside.

“People are commenting, saying how much they love the image.

“It’s like there’s so much for them to see and take in within the image you just can’t help but look at it.

“One person said that they totally appreciated the beauty of the countryside before but having seen this perspective it has given them a totally new love for the scenery.

“As a photographer you can’t beat the feeling of having people comment positively on your work and this piece has certainly achieved that.”