Stunning Images Of Cherry Blossoms In Japan

The beautiful gallery shows a series of pictures in Japan during cherry blossom season.

Jordan Hammond, 25, is a freelance travel photographer from the U.K, currently based in Bali, Indonesia who captured the images while on a trip.

PIC BY Jordan Hammond / CATERS NEWS

The pictures were taken earlier this year, in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka.

Jordan said: “Japan is a country I love to visit, particularly for photography, but we missed most of the cherry blossoms last year due to them flowering earlier than expected so, I revisited this year in hope to catch them at the right time.

PIC BY Jordan Hammond / CATERS NEWS

“People like the colours I use in my photos, and the composition and attention to detail.

“Each photo for me is a piece of art, and I like to inspire people to travel through my photography.

PIC BY Jordan Hammond / CATERS NEWS

“I really like the photo of the priest walking through the cemetery, as it was one of those moments that made standing in that same spot with my camera for an hour worth it.

“My first thought when I saw this place was how beautiful Japan can be in the spring, and how great it was that the entire country comes out to sit outdoors and admire the flowers during this time of the year.”