Stunning images of acrobats under a starry night sky

This couple were captured while performing their acrobatic tricks under the night sky – and the results are just breathtaking.

Wayne Pinkston, 67, a retired physician and now a full-time photographer from Virginia, USA, captured Daniel and Anastasia after seeing them posing.

PIC FROM Wayne Pinkston/Caters News

The pictures were taken on last month inside of an arch called the ‘North Window’, in the Arches National Park in Utah, USA.

Wayne said: “I have been interested in photography since college, however I got a lot more serious about travel and outdoor photography around 2004.

“My imagination was captured by Landscape Astrophotography about five years ago, and now I primarily shoot at night.

PIC FROM Wayne Pinkston/Caters News

“At the time I was excited to be working with the acrobats and trying something new, but at the same time concerned that the technical difficulties of shooting in the dark might prevent good images.

“There was a lot of experimenting to figure out the best way to capture both the acrobats and the night sky.

“I now spend my time doing landscape astrophotography, which is basically trying to capture night landscapes under a beautiful starry sky, preferably with the Milky Way galaxy over the landscape.

PIC FROM Wayne Pinkston/Caters News

“I was wandering around at delicate arch in arches when I saw two people posing in front of the arch in ways that regular people just cannot do, like bending over backward, or standing on your hands bending backwards.

“We eventually got to talking and I mentioned I take photos at night and they offered to participate and offered to pose for my night photos- it turns out that they are incredible athletes specialising in acrobatics.

“These amazing acrobats posed that night in a north window in a number of poses that would be difficult in the daytime, but even harder at night- they were posing on the edge of a rock face, on the hard uneven ground, in complete darkness, and holding each other up.

“The photo is lightened, it is nearly completely dark out there.”