Stunning images capture the moment lighting strikes over monument valley

Pic By Jennifer Khordi/Caters News

These stunning images captured the moment lightning struck over Monument Valley.

Jennifer Khordi, 47, was storm chasing in Arizona when she came across the mesmerising scenes.

Jennifer, from New Jersey, USA, watched on as the sky turned a deep purple and pink lightning forks pierced through the epic storm clouds.

Pic By Jennifer Khordi/Caters News

The iconic land mark casts a perfect silhouette against the ferocious storm.

Jennifer, a semi-professional photographer, said: The images were taken in Arizona during a trip I took to capture lightning and storm images from their active monsoon season.

Pic By Jennifer Khordi/Caters News

“I was very lucky to get such good images, I love the whole experience.

“The colours are amazing and the shots are very powerful.”