Stunning drone shots reveal hidden village painted in the colours of the rainbow

Mesmerising aerial shots have captured a spectacular rainbow coloured village that was saved from ruin by artsy students.

Splatters of vibrant colours make the tiny village of Jodipan, in Malang, unrecognisable from its previous state – when it was considered one of the worst slums in Indonesia.


The village was repainted by a group of public relation students who wanted to provide it with an interesting story and a reason for tourists to visit.

Sjoerd Bracke made the journey in an old jeep to take the drone shots back in September this year, while he was on holiday with his girlfriend.

Sjoerd, from Utrecht, Netherlands, said: “We wanted to see some less touristy spots in Java because there’s nothing more fulfilling when you travel than discovering hidden gems.

“The plan was to take my drone and take a really cool aerial picture from above the colourful village, to really show how vivid and unique it looks.

“The streets, souvenir shops, it’s all very unique. And I hate the word, but it’s very ‘instagrammable’.


“The fact that it was a dirty and desolate village, the government wanted to move all the people away, but the students thought this is a problem they needed to solve.

“You don’t expect something like this from Java, and I like to share places people have not been to before, and I think many people who will see this picture will be just as surprised.

“I love how colourful the shot is, and that it’s a top down shot.

“I’m obsessed with drone shots but ultimately the editing or technique isn’t what makes this shot amazing, it’s just the village itself.

“Locals can now sell souvenirs, open restaurants, make money, and make it important to keep it clean to keep tourists coming.


“And the village is totally clean when it used to be so dirty – it’s amazing to see.”

The achievement by the students is nothing to brush off, as the villagers were threatened with evictions from their homes that had become squalid over time.

Marketing guru Sjoerd only picked up a camera for the first time last summer and has forked out £10,000 on camera gear and travel expenses since.

Sjoerd, whose first camera cost him £350, said: “I started posting on Instagram last year and didn’t even take pictures in manual mode, I didn’t know about any editing software. I just sent pics back to my family.

“I kept taking pictures and getting better and got recognition and realised I was part of a very interesting community and this could be something I could take seriously.

“Photography is just really fun and I want to inspire people to travel the world. I like to share the cool places I’ve passed by.

“For me it’s more about travelling and photography is pushing me to go see more and more places.”