Stunning drone shots put the World Cup in motion, capturing the artistic side of Russia’s stadiums

This group of talented drone pilots have really put the World (Cup) In Motion, having flown around every stadium in the tournament and taken stunning aerial photographs in the process.

Pic from AirPano / Caters: Kaliningrad Stadium

Pic from AirPano / Caters: Saint Petersburg

AirPano’s works would be right at home in any modern art museum – the collection of stadium shots including everything from spherical wonders to flat, abstract works.

The group of photographers shot every host city and venue in this year’s tournament – 12 stadiums overall, spread over 1,800 miles.

Being from Russia, the photography group could not ignore the upcoming event and the significance to the nation, Sergey Rumyanstev, the CEO of AirPano, said. 

Pic from AirPano / Caters: Nizhny Novgorod Stadium

Pic from AirPano / Caters: Spartak Stadium, Moscow

In total, there are 10 members of the AirPano team, who have shot the likes of the wonders of the world and some of the most recognizable landmarks.

The goal, Sergey added, is to provide virtual travel to the audiences that visit there, with videos allowing individuals to move around the footage that AirPano shoots.

Sergey said: “That this event is happening the first time in the history of Russia, and probably the last time during our life. 

Pic from AirPano / Caters: Kazan Arena

Pic from AirPano / Caters: Samara Arena

“Stadiums are beautiful, and it was a pleasure to look at them.

“We wanted, as we usually do, to photograph stadiums in the best artistic and technical quality. 

“We wanted to show them in the best possible way in AirPano style. 

“The weather had an important role, so we needed to plan the trips to stadiums accordingly.”