Stunning photos show stormy waves up-close !

Marco Mitre/Caters New

These stunning close-up photos of stormy waves will take your breath away.

The breaking waves crash over the shore, creating foamy white water that looks almost like bubbles.

As the waves crash down, one surfing photographer has managed to get incredible shots right in the barrel of the roaring waves.

Marco Mitre/Caters News

Marco Mitre, a US Army officer from Oahu in Hawaii, took the amazing snaps during a trip to the beach near his Hawaii home.

Marco, 39, said: “I was pretty excited to see my images – I really enjoy making others happy, so I get a major kick out of showing them to everyone and seeing what they think.

“There are always dangers in the ocean – it’s not a very forgiving place to take photos, and when you’re not paying attention to your surroundings you can be caught by surprise from big surf or predators.

Marco Mitre/Caters News

“I’ve had a few injuries from surfing – I’ve been wiped out, and had the housing for my camera crack my head.

“I even suffered a ruptured eardrum just from getting smacked by a powerful waves.

“During bigger waves, swim fins are a necessity to help fight through the water – but it’s very warm in Hawaii, so I can get away with a pair of board shorts and a rash guard.

Marco Mitre/Caters News

“I love thrill-seeking – I grew up in and around the ocean, so I get a major release from the constant ebb and flow of the water.”