Stomach-churning moment two teenage daredevils dice with death as they dangle from golden gate bridge


This is the stomach-churning moment two teenage daredevils dice with death as they dangle from the Golden Gate Bridge.

In San Francisco, California, USA, YouTube daredevil Peter Teatime is about to embark on his most jaw-dropping stunt yet, as he attempts to climb the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

Scouring the thick, red cables, Peter and his urban exploring partner, Tommy Rector, sprint up the bridge’s frame, even stopping to do backflips and somersaults on their narrow ‘walkways’.

As if standing at the height of 746ft wasn’t enough of a thrill, the daring duo decided to dangle their entire bodies over the edge of one of the bridge’s towers, with only their fingertips stopping them from making the long fall to the ground below.

Peter, from Allenton Wisconsin, said: “It was a tough climb and incredibly tiring, those cables get very steep.

“But for any explorer the Golden Gate Bridge is an absolute must-do, as it’s the tallest bridge in the US and such an iconic structure.

“We didn’t do any preparation for the climb, nor have any safety equipment, we just had to focus our minds on the cables, while trying to dodge security cameras.

“I’ve had lots of experience in climbing at great heights, such as cranes and skyscrapers, so I wasn’t nervous at all.

“Even with hanging off the edge my mind was completely clear and free of worry, we waited for a break in the traffic so if an accident were to occur, we wouldn’t hurt anyone else.

“I’ve got plenty more daring climbs planned from around the world, so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube page: PeterTeatime, to see what happens next.”