Stomach churning images of daredevil balancing on wire 400m above the pacific ocean


PIC FROM Valentin Rapp / Caters News

A daring thrill seeker takes his life in his hands as he balances on a thread 400m above the water crashing onto rocks below.

The amazing images capture the high liner, Luka Irmler, concentrating intensely as he crosses from one sea cliff to the other across Cape Pillar, Tasmania.

The area of Cape Pillar is part of Tasman Peninsula’s colossal coastline and is located on the aptly named Desolation Island. The two cliffs, rising over 400 metres high, are separated by the Pacific Ocean and many visitors have reported whale and shark sightings.

The photographer, Valentin Rapp, has been taking professional photos for 4 years but is no stranger to high lining himself.

He said: “I started high lining before I became a professional photographer and usually I walk all the high lines I take photos of.”

PIC FROM Valentin Rapp / Caters News 

“It is always very exciting for me because I know exactly what they are feeling in the moment of being on the line.”

“That also helps me to take the perfect photo. I always know what their next step will be.”

PIC FROM Valentin Rapp / Caters News