Star Trekking

PIC FROM Valentin Rapp / Caters News 

A photographer captured the moment a dare devil highliner stepped out onto the wire, with milky way and the Aurora Borealis glowing behind him.

Lukas Imler, walked along the wire, at Cape Pillar, Tasmania,  in February this year, a popular high lining spot.

Photographer, Valentin Rapp, who was a former highliner himself, was in complete shock when he realised what he was seeing was the Aurora Borealis and said:

“When I set up my casual night time lapse I saw some weird green shadows in the test pictures and wasn’t sure what was happening.

PIC FROM Valentin Rapp / Caters News 

“I did some more test shots and saw that the green lights were moving every frame but then it suddenly clicked what it was I was seeing.”

Valetin, who has been a photographer for 4 years, said: “Of course I had to try to take a picture with someone on the high line!”

In these perfectly timed images, the highliner can be seen with a backdrop of the milky way and northern lights.

Valentin said: “I really had not expected to see the aurora at all, I was so excited about being able to see the real thing.

PIC FROM Valentin Rapp / Caters News 

“I started high lining before I became a professional photographer. Usually I also walk all the high lines I take photos of.

“It is always very exciting for me because I know exactly what they are feeling in that moment of being on the line. That also helps me to take the perfect photo.

“I always know what their next step will be.”