Star struck – Amazing photographs of the milky way over Austrailla

Pic by David Magro/Caters News

These stunning photographs are enough to leave anyone star struck.

The intensely colourful pictures show the Milky Way hovering over various pieces of the Australian landscape.

The deep blue and purple hues of the galaxy are contrasted against the bright white light of a lighthouse, yellow flowers in fields in front of a heart-shaped tree and the green vegetation of a rocky outcrop.

The photographs were taken by 29-year-old photographer and social media marketer David Magro from New South Wales.

Pic by David Magro/Caters News

He said: “Our eyes cannot see all the light in the sky but with long exposure photography the camera is able to capture the hidden light.

“Each night I photograph our stars I am in awe of the beauty, and I work to replicate the scenes to show the world how amazing the night sky is.

“My favourite image is the ‘field of stars’. It took me two years of planning to take this photograph as the Canola Fields flower in a small window of the year.

“In the photo you can also see Venus, Mars and Saturn as brighter objects below the MilkyWay. The light pollution is coming from Newcastle.

Pic by David Magro/Caters News

“While I was reviewing it I was really eager to see if the details and composition were perfect as I knew this scene was not going to be possible for another year or two.”

David organises Australian Night Photography tours which begin in August 2017.

The other photos were taken at Catherine Hill Bay Wharf, Long Jetty, Bouddi National Park, Killcare beach, Norah Head Lighthouse, Parkes and the Auroras over Terrigal Skillion.