Space is leaking! Plumber captures breathtaking optical illusion of milky way ‘volcano erupting’

A plumber has captured a breathtaking optical illusion which shows the Milky Way appears to erupt out of a mountain like a volcano.

Amateur photographer Daniel Stein, 25, was at the end of a road trip with his friends when they decided to make their final stop in Colorado.

Pic By Daniel Stein/Caters News

He made his way 11,700ft up through the Forest Canyon Overlook to capture the eruption of stars that overlooked the rocky landscape.

Milky Ways can be difficult to see with the naked eye, but Mr Stein could count his lucky stars as he had all of his gear with him to get a snapshot of the surreal moment.

He said: “I have a strong personal connection to this photograph as it was the conclusion to our trip out West, and possibly my last time ever setting foot in Rocky Mountain National Park.

“Seeing such a view in a place like this brought tears to my eyes.

Pic By Daniel Stein/Caters News

“It was so peaceful up there, and at times I just thought to myself ‘how?’

“How did I get here, how am I able to see what I am seeing now and have the capability to capture that thought and then share it with the world?

“I cannot always put into words my thoughts exactly, which is why I use photography to cultivate my perception.”