Somewhere over the rainbows – Stunning images capture not one but two rainbows over the Grand Canyon

Somewhere over the rainbows – These stunning images capture not one but two rainbows appearing over the Grand Canyon.

David Swindler / CATERS NEWS

The images were taken in the Marble Canyon, a remote area of Arizona upstream from the Little Colorado River.

David Swindler, 38, from Utah, USA, has been running guided photography tours throughout the southwest for the past few years, and was lucky enough to capture Mother Nature’s beauty.

David said: “I love coming out to this part since it’s rarely visited compared to all the viewpoints inside the National Park, I am always blown away by the scenery.

David Swindler / CATERS NEWS

“And I’ve always loved the 180-degree bend the Colorado River makes, it’s definitely an intriguing photo subject, especially when you get the right light and clouds.

“I love camping out here since it’s so peaceful and you can see a lot of stars in the dark skies.

“The morning that the photo was taken the clouds were disappearing quickly and it looked like we would have clear skies.

“But then about half-hour before dawn, a new storm started bearing down and I was able to catch a distant lightning bolt before a small, but very bright rainbow appeared on the left side.

David Swindler / CATERS NEWS

“The light then changed very quickly and that’s when the big rainbows began, it was spitting rain at the time and it wasn’t easy to keep the front of our lenses clean.

“It was one of the most beautiful mornings I’ve ever photographed.”