Snowkiters face -25 temperatures while they showcase epic skills on slopes 

By Kristiana Hall 

Hundreds of snowkiters and winter windsurfers have faced -25 temperatures while showcasing their epic skills on the slopes. 

Ilnar Salakhiev, 43, attended the Open Siberia Snowkiting Cup 2018 which started on November 27.

The event – which took place on Boomerang Beach, Novosibirsk, Russia – had more than 100 participants.

Ilnar was able to film and photograph the impressive event which shows the skills needed for the intense sports. 


He added: “It was real holiday for the sportsmen and spectators despite the freezing temperatures as it was sometimes as cold as -25. 

“This cup is considered to be one of the biggest and this year it is the 10th time this Cup is held in Novosibirsk.”