Snow dinosaur shaped reptiles spotted in 21st century ice age 

Snow dinosaur shaped reptiles have been spotted within a 21st century ice age.

Andrey Bazanov, 31 was visiting Riisitunturi National Park, Finland,  and had trekked through minus 24 tempuratures to take these snow formations.

Andrey Bazanov / CATERS NEWS

Andrey Bazanov / CATERS NEWS

The images, whereby some look just like a real life dinosaurs, were taken earlier this month.

The Russian Photographer braved snow, wind and frozen climates to witness the parks incredible sights.

Andrey spotted other formations that resembled ancient reptiles, huge snow flowers and other fairy tale creatures.

Andrey said: “I saw fantastic shots from other photographers from this park and I decided to visit and take some photographs myself.

Andrey Bazanov / CATERS NEWS

“I was stunned when I saw it the snow formation because I felt as if I was facing a real dinosaur.

“It’s a fantastic feeling to be among all those unearthly snowy figures.

Andrey drove 1000km to visit the park and explained how the amazing experience was worth the difficult journey and having to wait nearly one week for the sun to appear in order to take these shots.

Andrey Bazanov / CATERS NEWS

Andrey Bazanov / CATERS NEWS

He said: “I wouldn’t say it was cosy there but the impressions were worth the efforts.

“The main difficulty was the temperature, as it was very hard to use gloves and my cameras battery is exhausted faster, so the shooting required some thorough preparation.”