Smooth waves bursting with colour give inside view of surfers paradise

Pic by Marco Mitre/Caters News 

Ever wondered what Hawaii’s famous waves look like from the inside?

Photographer and non- commissioned officer in the United States Army, Marco Mitre shares the beauty of the shore on the island of Oahu in  Hawaii

The spectacular palette of colours from the waves reflecting the Summer sun is enough to transport you to far from freezing temperatures to dreaming of  the tropical pacific.

Marco, 39 said: “The water is very warm in Hawaii so I can get away with a pair of boardshorts and a rash guard in the water.

Pic by Marco Mitre/Caters News 

“During bigger waves, swim fins are a necessity to help fight through the water.

“I started photography altogether in August of 2015 and ventured into surf and ocean photography in February of 2016

“I’m a very outgoing person and love thrill seeking and I grew up in and around the ocean and feel that I get a major release from the constant flow of water- basically like therapy.

Pic by Marco Mitre/Caters News 

“There’s always dangers in the ocean, it’s not a very forgiving place to take photos and when you are not paying attention to your surroundings you can be caught by surprise from a big surf or predators.

“I have sustained a few injuries out there, I’ve been wiped out and had the housing for my camera crack me in the head.

“I had to get about four staples for that injury and I have had my fair share of cuts and bruises from the reef below.

Pic by Marco Mitre/Caters News 

“Just this year I suffered a ruptured eardrum from getting smacked by a pretty powerful wave.

“I’m pretty excited to see my images but I like most showing them to everyone and seeing what they like and how moved they are by them.

“I really enjoy making others happy so I get a major kick out of them commenting on my social media pages.

Pic by Marco Mitre/Caters News 

“I really appreciate everyone who enjoys the images and would like to invite them to like or follow my Facebook and Instagram pages @MarcoMitrePhotography thank you for your support.”