Smashing job! Pair of bikers fly through glaciers as they ride heavy bikes on ice

A pair of bikers have captured stunning photographs of them riding through a completely ice-covered glacier on their heavy bikes.

The duo, Eric Zoesch, 29, and Paul School, 34, can be seen flying through the glaciers gracefully, as none of the ice below appears to crack.

David Canales / Caters News

Riding through the stunning scene on ‘fat bikes’, it’s surprising that the heavy tyres do not crack the delicate ice beneath.

These stunning photographs were captured by David Canales at Spencer Glacier, Alaska.

David Canales / Caters News

David, 32, said: “As we rode toward the glacier, we were within about half a mile and we instantly saw a massive ice cave, so we rode our bikes harder as we locked in on our destination.

“Once we reached the ice cave, we spent about 20 minutes taking photos and just exploring the ice cave – it was so epic!

David Canales / Caters News

“After I took a few shots, we rode along the face of the glacier and found even more ice caves, which we happily explored and I felt fortunate that the glacier had so much to explore.

“It can almost be a hit or miss, ice caves that you see some years, may not be there the next.

“It’s almost a new experience overtime you visit a glacier.”