Sleeping under the stars! Photographer captures beautiful nights sky over Kilimanjaro

A photographer captured the stunning moment he was sleeping under the stars on Mt. Kilimanjaro.

John Mullineux was camping out on Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, when he realised how bright the nights sky was.

Pic by John Mullineux/Caters News

After leaving his tent to examine, he was greeted with the stunning view of the stars above him.

Now, he is sharing his awe-striking photographs of his nights camp on the mountain.

Pic by John Mullineux/Caters News

John said: “Each night as we got closer to the snow-capped summit I tried take star pictures as I couldn’t predict whether there would be clouds the following day or if my body would be in a state to manage the photography.

“Although I have taken many star images before, setting the camera and reviewing the images was extremely tiring as the normal cognitive function is lost owing to the altitude; but when I saw these ones I felt happy and left for bed myself.

Pic by John Mullineux/Caters News

“Once everybody is in their tents, the mountain becomes quieter and seem colder but the sense of place becomes esoterically distinct.

“The photo shows the clear and beautiful night with a dense blanket of stars, our colourful tents and then the focus of the journey, the snow and ice covered summit of Kili, in the background made this view sing to my eyes.”