Skydivers show the pyramids like you’ve never seen them before

This amazing video shows one of the world’s most iconic sights from an angle you’ve never seen before.

Captured over the sky’s of Cairo, the video shows a group of skydivers hurtling over the Great Pyramids as they exit from a military Hercules C-130.

Different groups of divers can be seen exiting the aircraft above the pyramids before linking up in to perform a series of manoeuvres.

Pic by Bruno Brokken/Caters News

The group then spreads out, opening their canopy’s before landing at a drop zone near to the pyramid. 

Pic by Bruno Brokken/Caters News

Professional skydiver, Bruno Brokken, 55, who captured the footage said: “The skydive was basicly like any other skydive but the setting was obviously the biggest difference.

“This was the first one I’d done in Egypt and despite the security situation in the country, I did feel safe. “