Seeing Double – Two Birds Create Perfect Optical Illusion While Sat On Branch

Two birds have created their very own optical illusion by sitting perfectly underneath one another on a branch.

Wildlife photographer, Tarun Kumar, 32, captured these incredible images of the birds in his hometown of Bangalore, India, two month ago [February 12 2019].

PIC FROM Tarun Kumar/Caters News

The vibrantly coloured birds can be seen perched on the branch – which has a number of berries attached to it.

The one bird appears to be looking at its reflection below but it is in fact another identical bird that’s captured in the shot.

PIC FROM Tarun Kumar/Caters News

Tarun, a project leader for business services, said: “The two birds were trying to get the berries and they were pushing each other away.

 “The one bird started to come down off the stem so that it can take some berries, and the other was watching its every move.

“It looked like the bird was looking into a reflection so I took the shot and it came out really well as it looked like the perfect reflection created by two different birds.