Sea of sand – Beautiful photos of Dubai’s deserts

Pic from Anushka Eranga / Caters News 

These stunning vistas show off a sea of sand.

The ripples in the sand‘s surface and the peaks and troughs of the dunes make the deserts in Dubai look like a stormy ocean.

The yellow sea on only punctuated by a few dry plants or a single camel train plodding through.

The pictures were taken by landscape and travel photographer Anushka Eranga Athukorala from Sri Lanka.

The 29-year-old said: “Standing on dunes is like standing in another world. I always travel to the middle of the desert alone and I love it.

Pic from Anushka Eranga / Caters News 

“The golden sand and the textures on them are really gorgeous, especially when an insect or a snake has run through and make a beautiful pattern on the surface.

“I love the wind blowing across me, and the sensation of feeling completely alone is somehow very comforting.

Pic from Anushka Eranga / Caters News 

“My favourite place is the Maliha desert because there are mountains around and some fossil in the middle of the desert.

“In the summer it’s incredibly hot so you cannot stand there for more than 10 minutes. I am always careful to travel at night and in the early morning when it is cool.”