Savvy student who sacrificed uni life to travel the world!

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This loved up couple gave up drinking and going out so they could travel the WORLD.

The university students, from New York City, sacrificed a traditional student lifestyle to fulfill their globetrotting dream – and are just about to embark on another year-long trip.

Dedicated Jess Roberts and Nathan Basista, who’ve been together since they were 16, travelled 12 countries in 12 months thanks to their scrupulous saving.

They say they’ve ‘dedicated their lives to pursuing their dreams’, and want to show others that you don’t have to be wealthy to go far.

Pic from Caters News 

Jess said: “We saved every single moment during college, and worked several jobs to get whatever extra income we could.

“Instead of going out and drinking, we saved.

“Then when we were travelling, we camped and cooked at home instead of getting pricey hotel rooms.

“Ever since we were old enough to travel on our own, that has been all we wanted to do.”

The couple travelled North America in their Jeep and spent a month island hopping in Hawaii.

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They are now planning to double the number of countries they have visited with a year-long tour.

Jess said: “We are starting in Hong Kong for Chinese New Year and will be exploring through South East Asia for several months.

“It’s an adventure that will push our limits and bring us to exotic places far from home.”

Last year, the duo spent over two weeks in Iceland, two weeks in Alberta and British Colombia, visited Canada and Hawaii and spent over a month road-tripping across the United States.

Jess added: “So far, one of my favourite highlights has definitely been seeing the Northern Lights.

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“The chance of seeing the Aurora Borealis is what drew us to Iceland during winter the first time, and is what brought us back again the following year.

“Although the Northern Lights are elusive, the unpredictability makes chasing them that much more exciting.

“There’s nothing like the rush of seeing a night sky full of colorful, shimmering lights – it’s an otherworldly experience.

“It’s like witnessing magic.

“We’ve also loved seeing the different wild animals, it’s a great joy of travelling.”

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The couple want to emphasise they’ve achieved their dream through hard work, and it’s something anyone can do if they put their mind to it.

Jess said: “We are not extraordinarily wealthy, and our travels have been self-funded.

“This is our story about how we worked hard and dedicated our lives to pursuing our dreams and making them a reality.

“Life is too short to wonder what if.”