Sand vs snow: Aussies swelter on Bondi beach as Brits shiver through freezing UK snowstorms

As the UK shivered through its coldest day in seven years, thousands of Aussies have flocked to Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach this week to escape the country’s sweltering heatwave.

While icy Brits continue to freeze under buckets of snow blanketing the nation, scorching Sydneysiders sizzled through the city’s hottest day in 1

2 months yesterday [JAN 31] with blistering temperatures exploding to over 40 degrees Celsius [104F].

In stark contrast, ‘snowbomb’ chaos erupted in the UK overnight as the thermostat dipped to below minus 14 degrees Celsius – the nation’s coldest recorded temperature in seven years.

And as overheated Aussies hit picturesque beaches across the country this weekend to sunbake on the sand, Brits will continue to freeze as 10cm of snow is predicted to fall in some parts of the nation on Friday.