Sacre bleu! Moment slackliner walks across Paris skyline on rope suspended from the Eiffel Tower

Sacre Bleu! A talented slackliner stunned Parisian crowds as he tiptoed across the Paris skyline – balancing only on a length of rope.

Aidan Williams/Caters News

Professional slackliner Nathan Paulin, from France, made the 670 metre walk from the Eiffel Tower, across the Seine and onto the city’s Trocadero – 70 metres in the air.

Nathan, 23, made the crossing in just over 37 minutes – in what is believed to be the world’s first highline from the famous landmark.

The daredevil began his walk from the first floor of the tower, after a team of volunteers spent the whole night rigging up the wire and performing safety checks.

Aidan Williams/Caters News

Australian photographer Aidan Williams captured the feat, which happened last weekend, on camera.

Aidan said: “It was such an exciting event to photograph, and such a surreal sight to see someone apparently walking across the sky against such a famous backdrop.

“Thousands of people below were absolutely transfixed to Nathan’s walk.

Aidan Williams/Caters News

“They were absolutely transfixed. Normally in a location so close to the Eiffel tower it can be a bit chaotic on ground level. But when he was walking people stopped to watch and then gave him an emphatic applause at the end of his walk.

“This event was a was great success, not only for Nathan, but for the sport of highlining.”