Russian photographer spends three years captures spellbinding images of Northern lights

A hardy photographer has spent three years bracing the cold to capture these spellbinding images of the Northern Lights.

Russian photographer Andrey Bazanov, 33, took the stunning images of the naturally occurring phenomenon in Lofoten Islands, Norway, during winters since 2016.

Pic By Andrey Bazanov/ CATERS NEWS

Speaking of his experience, Andrey, who has been into professional photography for more than a decade, described the Aurora as ‘impressive scenes of nature’.

The phenomenon is triggered when electrically-charged particles from the sun enter the Earth’s atmosphere.

He said: “Each time, it was different.

Pic By Andrey Bazanov/ CATERS NEWS

“Sometimes we arrived for one minute before seeing of Aurora, sometimes we were waiting all night to witness it.

“I first saw it in January of 2016.

“It is one of the most impressive scene of nature

“Every one waits for the phenomena and hunts the Aurora from different places of the world.

“In some places the whole sky was covered by green, the dance of Aurora was simply perfect.”