Rock nicknamed ‘potato chip’ due to unusual shape becomes huge tourist attraction

This huge rock nicknamed ‘potato chip‘ due to its unusual shape that it has become a huge tourist attraction.

Stephen Leonardi, 35, decided to hike up to Potato Chip Rock, in San Diego, US, with his cousin and friend during a three-month road trip.

PIC BY Stephen Leonardi / CATERS NEWS

The surface of the rock appears thin and with a jagged-edged, it looks just like a potato chip.

Tourists flock to the area to take photos on the rock which stands at 2800ft high.

PIC BY Stephen Leonardi / CATERS NEWS

The photographer from Ohio added: “I was on a three-month road trip and visiting the Potato Chip Rock was one of the many stops along the way.

“I had heard about the rock so I had to make time to go check it out when I was in the area.

PIC BY Stephen Leonardi / CATERS NEWS

“I love to hike and its fun for a cool photo opportunity and if you frame the shot just right you can get some interesting perspectives.”