Now that’s a hangover! Rock climber grips on tight using only his feet!

PIC BY Raphaela Brand/ Caters News

A daredevil climber decided hanging from a cliff the standard way was just not enough of a thrill.

Photographer Raphaela Brand, 32 from Cape Town, South Africa captured Athlete, Matt Bush’s incredible stunt on Boxing day in the Silvermine Mountains, Cape Town.

Climber of 15 years, Matt, was hanging upside down from the cliff edge 315 metres above the houses below for about ten seconds  in a real heart in mouth moment for onlookers.

Matt said: “It’s an oceanic feeling-imagine being in a bubble, weightless and free and that’s how it feels.

“Freesoloing is the ultimate challenge for me. Some think that I am a thrill seeker or an adrenaline junkie but that’s not the case because if there’s too much adrenaline the body shuts down.

“When I freesolo, I am in a calm, focused and clear space. Every manoeuvre that I perform is calculated and controlled. It’s a balanced equation.

PIC BY Raphaela Brand/ Caters News

“My childhood dream was to become a freeclimber. As a kid I had seen pictures of free climbers in books and magazines.

“I immediately fell in love with the idea of climbing free. My first experience of climbing was with my Dad at the age of four on Table Mountain.

“Years later, in high school, I started rock climbing as a sport. After climbing for a decade my interest in free soloing sparked.

PIC BY Raphaela Brand/ Caters News

“Today, I have achieved South Africa’s most challenging freesolos including numerous solos of 5.13d.

“I am really excited about my future solo projects. The list is endless. Having achieved my childhood dream, I can say that dreams do come true and that anything’s possible!

PIC BY Raphaela Brand/ Caters News