Reflective macro photos showcase insects in breath-taking detail

These images showcase insects up close and personal, revealing details unable to be seen by the human eye.

Spiders, crickets, wasps and flies are just some of the insects photographed by Calvin Taylor Lee, 41, at his home in Scunthorpe.

Calvin said: “A single image of an insect can take me a few hours to capture, as I have to wait for it to settle down before I’m able to photograph them.

“My favourite critters are usually wasps and woodlice, I’m not sure why I prefer them but I always seem to be drawn to them.

“I took these images by placing the insects in to a clear plastic cover, and then I placed the insect inside and lay it on a mirror, to capture their reflection.

“I found the insects in park and woodland areas that are local to me, and once I’ve photographed them I let them go back to where they came from.

“There’s something really great about capturing insects in such a way, as you can really see the miniscule details that you can’t see with the normal human eye.”