Red dive at night… Adventurous diver swims around red underwater cavern

Pic by Tom St George/Caters News

These amazing photographs show a diver exploring a red underwater cavern.

An abyss of red sea can be seen encompassing the adventurous diver, as he swims around the Cenote Carwash – a popular cavern just outside of Tulum, Mexico.

Pic by Tom St George/Caters News

These incredible photographs show a diver exploring a darkening red sea, with just a small wrist flashlight to light up the way.

Photographer Tom St George captured these photographs, on a dive that he went on with his cave exploring friend, Mauro Bordignon.

Tom, 46, said: “The previous two days we had continuous heavy rain. When we got to the dive site it was clear that the conditions in the water where drastically different from usual.

“When we dropped down through the water it was obvious that things were very far from normal. Rather than its usual green colour the water was an intense shade of red.

“Despite it being a beautiful sunny day very little ambient light penetrated through the cloud which is quite unusual for Carwash.

Pic by Tom St George/Caters News

“The water is red because it has become ‘tannic’. With the extended heavy rains there is a significant runoff from the surrounding forests reaching the cenote.

“There is a garden of underwater lilies that is rather picturesque, and the entrance to the upstream cavern area is an iconic location and great spot to photos – because of the wonderful natural light.

“It was an amazing experience and we were both very excited about the incredible atmosphere and unusual conditions at Cenote Carwash.

Pic by Tom St George/Caters News

“Usually you know exactly what you are going to get, but sometimes the cenotes can really surprise you!”